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Deportation of presidential candidate Olga Kovalkova's proxy

On the morning before the "Unity March" in Minsk and other cities of Belarus on September 6, it became known that Olga Kovalkova – an associate of Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and a member of the Belarusian Coordination Council – was taken out of the country abroad. She is now in Warsaw.

Comments on this issue from Olga for the journalist " Present time":

— It's an interesting story, of course. As you know, I was detained on August 24, along with Sergei Dylevsky and another member of the presidium [Coordination Council]. We had an arrest – 10 days. We were first in the isolation ward on Akrestina, then we were transported to Zhodino. On the eve of the day when we were supposed to be released, we were transferred back to Minsk. The next day there was a new trial, I received another 15 days of arrest, and so did Sergey Dylevsky. On this day, I felt very bad and asked to call an ambulance.

But instead of the ambulance, the KGB officers came to me, who said that I would be in custody for quite a long time and this was not the last 15 days that I would receive. They offered an alternative option – to take me out of the country.

— Они приехали в изолятор, посадили в свою машину, надели капюшон, дали маску, положили на заднее сиденье и вывезли. Я не знала, куда мы едем, приехали на переход «Брузги». (…) Я прошла границу, они перевезли мои вещи, хотели подвезти. Но ехал автобус на Варшаву, и польские пограничники попросили польского водителя, чтобы меня подвезли. Меня узнал водитель, он следит за новостями, и сказал, что рад, что я на свободе. У меня при себе не было телефона, была только визитка польского посла Артура Михальского. Я ему позвонила, и он способствовал моему приезду в Варшаву.
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